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MARCH 2017 Webinar
Where's the Evidence? Introduction to Research Literacy 
Presented by LaVera Crawley, MD, MPH

March 2017

Program Summary
Where is the evidence that the pastoral care that you offer as a chaplain is effective? What directs your choice of interventions? Are you guided by tradition, inner wisdom, or your own experience, or is your clinical work more “datadriven” – informed by clinical evidence? This webinar explores how we can use evidence-based practices that integrate both theology and science to improve the quality and effectiveness of our spiritual caregiving. It is designed to provide chaplain viewers/listeners a solid foundation for identifying evidence-based clinical literature relevant to spiritual care and for assessing the quality and robustness of evidence to guide clinical interventions. A brief review of the basic “hierarchies of evidence” will lay the groundwork for beginning inquirers. This is followed by reviewing online tools for accessing evidence-based literature. Lastly, a practical example will enable participants to apply evidence-based strategies to inform their best practices in chaplaincy and spiritual care.

Program Objectives By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to: 1. Identify types of evidence used in research literature to guide practice interventions. 2. Know where to find the evidence using online databases and other resources. 3. Apply their understanding of clinical evidence to inform decision-making and best practices in chaplaincy and spiritual care.

About the Presenter
LaVera Crawley joined NACC in 2011 and is an ACPE Supervisory Candidate. She has served on the NACC Research Task Force and is now on the NACC Research Advisory Panel. For more than 30 years, LaVera has had successful careers in medicine and ethics, and academic research in health disparities in end-of-life care for which she received national and international recognition. LaVera received her MD from Meharry Medical College; completed her Family Medicine residency and chief residency at USCF; her MPH from UC Berkeley; an Ethics Fellowship at Stanford; and a Palliative Care Education Fellowship at Harvard. Along with her CPE supervisory work, she also serves on the Palliative Care Team at the Alta Bates Campus. As a Catholic lay woman, LaVera is active in the social justice programs in her parish.


Crawley Where's the Evidence
Crawley Where's the Evidence - Participants

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Webinar recordings

March 23, 2017 webinar recording